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Alma Clayton
Personal Trainer

My name is Alma Clayton and I am an online Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Coach. I have been a personal trainer working successfully in the fitness industry for over 15 years. I gained my educational background and experience in USA and New Zealand, working through facilities such as 24 Hour Fitness and Les Mills. My educational background ranges from but not limited to Kinesiology, Biochemistry and Sport Performance Training and Strength and Conditioning.

I reached out to Chris because saw real value in what he was providing as a coach and I have also experienced his mentorship for myself, I have seen what it has been able to do for many other successful fitness professional in the industry that I have only ever seen go from strength to strength.

My biggest challenge was not having an Australian qualification that would enable me to operate as a personal trainer. I felt my talents were wasting away and I had all this knowledge and intention to serve others by empowering and educating them through coaching and training.

I knew what I wanted to do but I wasn’t completely sure how to go about it. Chris has been an integral part of helping me gain my Australian Fitness Certificates, he has also helped me develop and implement better systems that help me optimise the service I provide for my clients. Chris has been extremely helpful and professional and amazing to work with through this process. I cannot recommend him enough as a coach for anyone looking to make a real difference and positive impact in the fitness industry.

Claire Calkin
Plant Fuelled

I’m Claire and I help others build muscle from plant foods so they can get stronger and recover faster. Before working with Chris I had a desire to coach others online and that was about it. I was passionate about helping others achieve their health & Fitness goals but I had no strategy or knowledge of where to start.

I also wasn’t 100% sure who I wanted to work with Chris has helped me to refine my target niche and shown me how to communicate directly to that niche to build an online community. He’s helped me overcome my fear of being in front of the camera and reminded me about brand consistency. He’s taught me processes still use daily in my business such as lead tracking, and taken me through back office parts of business otherwise would never have known.

If you are like me who has a dream to coach others, but find your brain is in fragmented pieces, I recommend working with Chris. He will help you make sense of it all and show you how to put them altogether so you have one smooth running engine. Although I’ve completed round one of his coaching program, I will no doubt be sticking around for the next one. Thanks Chris, for all your time and energy invested in me

Alex Connor
Fearless Training

In late 2018/early 2019 I approached Chris for some mentoring (inspired by his collaborative podcast – THE PT Performance Podcast). wanted to go all in with my PT business and re-enter the ever growing and saturated market with a difference. To the point: Chris; helped me enforce, refine and optimise my business strategy.

He provided me with no nonsense information, real world applicable knowledge and ongoing accountability. Fast forward to 2020 and I now run one of the most successful PT business within my space, but vitally I am able to tangibly help others and do what I love every single day – whilst making not average but very good money (because let’s face it we all want to put food on the table and then some). I consider Chris not only a mentor but good friend and ally!

Erin McAndie
Feminine but Fierce

I have known Chris for a few years now. First our engagement via email where I spoke about my passion for the fitness/health industry and from there we discussed course options available. Move forward to now, I have completed my Certificate Ill in Fitness (through 51 Fit) and also I have almost completed another course created by Chris for PT’s wanting guidance in the industry and how to get their business off the ground.

Even though I am not working in the industry yet I know this course has given the confidence and head start to hit the ground running…thank you Chris! I also plan to complete my Certificate IV in Fitness through him and have no doubt other courses throughout my PT career. For the best education to not only start your career but also to build on your current skill set, Chris (51 Fit) is the best mentor/educator I have come across
Thanks heaps for everything to date…your an amazing mentor.

Truck Driver / Warehouse Store-man

My name is Danyel. I am a Truck Driver / Warehouse Store-man in Perth WA. I met and know Chris through gridiron / American Football. We have played against and along side each other. I got to know Chris through the charity games we played, and he explained he did PT as a passion and work.

After couple of years, as I started noticing that I needed to do something for myself physically, Chris initiated a training group for some of us big fellas. I spoke with Chris at length, signed up as a initial member of the group and my training started. I was 137kgs when i started the 12 week program, when i finished i was 125kgs. That was sometime ago. I have managed to stay around that weight since. Chris provided great motivation and knowledge to allow me to work through the 12 weeks and see it through.

This whilst we are on opposite sides of the country. I would recommend Chris for his integrity and genuine want to help each individual as if they were a family member. The knowledge and motivation he brings, is natural for him, which will help with each person training. I have re-commenced a new program with him and I hope to see more people join in the fun, hard training and rewards that will be gained.

Mark Tatnell
Tatnell Strength & Performance

Hey, My name is Mark Tatnell I’m a Strength and Conditioning coach based out of Stafford, Brisbane. I run my own business (Tatnell Strength and Performance) and I’ve trained all sorts of people in my time from Mums and Dads through to Professional Athletes. I decided to engage Chris in 2017 to help me expand my knowledge, learn how to build a better business and generate more clients.

Chris has helped me increase my business significantly due to his tips and knowledge of the industry and his understanding of business. Honestly can’t thank him enough for his help over the years and the time he puts into his clients. You aren’t just a number to him, he actually gives a F@ck. If you are looking to gain more knowledge around business and lead generation then Chris is your man! hit him up.

Mariana Groth
Personal Trainer

Chris is a great guy and he helped me with my degree validation/RPL here in Australia. He always replied to me whenever I had a question and was very attentive at all times. I can’t wait to work with him again soon!

Steven Kaps
Facebook Review

Chris is one of the leading PT mentors in the fitness industry and through his unique approach to coaching provides a lot of value and real results. Knowledge and experience in the fitness industry is pivotal. Any PT or coach who would like to accelerate and grow their business should reach out to Chris.

David Lawson
Facebook Review

I responded to a Facebook post that Chris put up in regard to a mentorship program in 2019. I see dozens of these posts in my feed but Chris’ was different, it was genuine. After speaking with Chris Mooney on the phone that point was reaffirmed, he is a straight shooter who knows what he talks about and has no time for crap. He has helped out our business and myself as a trainer and person both pre and post COVID-19.

With his wealth or knowledge there is so much experience to help out with any situation that pops up. More importantly Chris’ style gets you helping yourself and pushing yourself further and further. Every second messaging or speaking with Chris Mooney is worth it.