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I first started listening to podcasts in 2014-15, fortunately I came across a few that have been very impactful and lead to many awesome stories and invaluable insights shared.
I have met some amazing people from across the globe after speaking on several podcasts from the UK, USA and Australia which in turn has helped me both reach and connect with even more people from around the world.
The PT Performance Podcast was my first podcast. With my co-hosts, we shared our combined experience in the fitness industry to help first year PTs succeed. This ran for 23 episodes and continues to receive great feedback from new and experienced PTs. In 2022 I relaunched the podcast, titling it The PT Performance Podcast – Evolution. Following those initial episodes on how to succeed, this new series provides real world success stories from PTs and Coaches sharing their journey from their early days as a PT and how they have built successful and impactful businesses today.



I am always up to discuss interesting and relevant topics. So, if you feel I could provide value for your community and would like me to be a guest on your show, zoom meeting or virtual event, let’s set up a chat to discuss.


Simply book a no-obligation getting-to-know-you chat here.

Through our partnership with Synergy Central RTO 31486 we offer:
Certificate III in Fitness SIS30315

Certificate IV in Fitness SIS40215

Diploma in Fitness SIS50215

With programs ranging from 6 to 10 weeks, the PT Mentoring program is delivered in both small team and 1-1 sessions. Covering everything from initial set up and getting in the game, to taking your successful PT business and scaling it be more impactful and successful.

I’ve built these programs with the new PT in mind, as I was there once. So there are options from $50 p/week.

I don’t charge to be a guest on your podcast, in-fact, I am always humbled when asked. So I would never charge to speak on a podcast.

Fees for virtual events or team meetings vary depending on the time and resources required to meet your purpose and objectives. Email me direct to discuss your needs.

Online Mentoring For Personal Trainers in Australia
1. Get Business Coaching

Whether you are just getting started and need some assistance or you’re a seasoned Personal Trainer looking to further develop your business, I can help.

Available for both exclusive 1-1 and small team coaching.

2. Become A Personal Trainer

Want to become a Personal Trainer? We can help.

51 FIT and Synergy Central RTO 31486 have joined forces to help guide you through your fitness education journey from day 1.

3. PT on Demand - Coming Soon.

If you are searching for highly skilled and experienced Personal Trainers for yourself, your family or your business, we’ve hand selected some of the greatest! PT on Demand showcases our TEAM of PTs and helps you find the right PT to help you achieve your health and fitness goals whether in person or via online coaching.