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Check here for some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you cant find the answer youre looking for, please contact our team now for more information!

In regards to extensions, 51 FIT & Synergy Central will allow extensions on all of its training courses, provided that the training package rules allow for it. Extensions are charge of at the rate of $150 per 3 months. Synergy Central will never grant more than 6 months of extensions at any one time, as training courses become superseded or not current on a regular basis and we would need to abide by the package rules located on

We recommend that you download either Google Chrome or Firefox to complete your online training as they are generally the most reliable when it comes to updates, Plug-in and work-ability with our Online system however Internet Explorer still works for majority of students. If you find that you text is cut off or missing, it would be due to your computer requiring a new flash player version. The easiest work around is to download , and use Google chrome and the problem should be resolved.

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The Transition and teach out guidelines from ASQA, are set out to help transition students through their qualifications. Synergy Central will ensure that all 2019 students gain training in the qualification they set out to achieve. Updates and changes to qualifications happen quite regularly, and there are processes in place to ensure students are not disadvantaged for more information in regards to transitions and teach-outs please visit:

When you purchase a course online, that is what you will receive, however upon request, electronic copies of the materials may be emailed to learners where the is a genuine case for this to occur. Hardcopy Printing and Postage costs to be paid by student.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have all your Assessment tasks marked as correct on your first submit attempt! Student’s are allowed at least 3 (three) submit attempts per unit. Meaning, between each submit you will received detailed feedback to help you before your next submit. On the 3rdsubmit attempt if you have still not met the standard you may be allowed further attempts unless the assessor feels this would not result in success.

In order to pass your course, you need to read the unit content slides and then complete all the associated Assessment tasks for all the respective units, and have these marked correct by your online trainer. Your online trainer will give you feedback on areas that you need to make adjustments for, before re-submitting back for re-marking. Our courses use a pass / fail grading system for each unit.

Synergy Central assessment tasks consist of theory and practical components as required for the units of competency they relate to. Activities may include but not be, limited to:

Written test
Multiple choice (CIII and below)
Short written answer
Practical task

At the following link’s, you will find the necessary guidance documents for the requirements of the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Certificate Levels. Specifically, at a Diploma level, there is a requirement for the self-directed application of knowledge and skills, as well as personal responsibility and autonomy in performing complex technical operations:

Basic computer skills are required to complete Synergy Central’s online courses. These include the use of an operating software i.e. Microsoft Windows, internet browsing tool i.e. Windows Explorer, an Email program i.e. Microsoft Outlook etc. In some cases, students may be required to use Office software packages such as Microsoft Word or Excel to create documents, tables and spreadsheets for Assessment tasks, but limited to basic functionality.

The most common issue that student’s have, is that they don’t make contact with their online trainer’s or ask them for help when they require it. If our trainer’s don’t know that you’re having difficulties, they cannot help you!! However, if you notify our trainer’s that you need help or are having difficulties with your course, they will most certainly do everything and anything they can to assist you!! In order to assist you, our trainer’s need to be informed that you require their assistance. Synergy Central can assure you that our trainer’s will bend over backwards to help you complete your course, and achieve your goal in successfully completing a qualification with Synergy Central.

This is what our Message Assessor button is for. Whether you have a question about your course, after a general direction, need help with Assessment tasks, to request a sample of a table/chart, or even just to say hello. The Message Assessor button is your friend and best tool to help you with your studies throughout. It is up to you to use your online trainer to the best of your ability, to assist you with your question’s, queries etc. Use your online trainer in the same manner, as you would use a trainer or teacher in a classroom learning environment.

We offer full support for Google chrome browser users although the content will work with most browsers we only offer online support to those who use Google chrome browser.

Responses to questions will usually be within 24 Hours.

Although assessments will be processed as soon as possible (usually 24-72 hours) at peak times a delay of up to 7 days can occur.

All business hours are on Queensland time:

By email: You can send emails whenever you want and they will be responded to ASAP, usually within 24 hours.

By phone: You can call Synergy Central for assistance on 1300 192 141 at the following times:

Monday to Friday 10am-5pm (Qld Time)

You can email john at and ask him to call you at a time suitable to both

Our qualifications are issued all year round upon completion of the course. You will receive your Certificate in an online pdf format, and a physical hard-copy in the mail

While most people only have the time to do one course at a time, you are free to enrol in more than one course, if you wish

With online distance learning, you’re in charge – you set the pace at which you study. We’ve designed our courses to be as flexible as possible. Our course outlines provide a general guide, regarding the duration of the course, between 6 months and 1 year. Ultimately, you decide how long you need to complete your course within the expected completion time-frame.

No, you can cycle and work through different units at different times, regardless of whether you have fully completed a unit or not. This is another advantage of this type of study.

No, you can complete the units of a particular course, in any order you choose to unless the unit has specified pre-requisites that need to be completed first.

None of our courses stipulate that you have to complete a particular unit, before you can commence the next one unless there are specified pre-requisites for that unit. You’re in control regarding which order you want to complete your units

Most of Synergy Central’s online courses offer flexibility around when you can start and how long you can take to complete. The nominal completion timeframe for most courses is 12 months, but there is no minimum timeframe as individual needs and experience differ. It’s one of the main advantages of this type of study. How long you take all depends on the amount of time you dedicate to your studies. For example, you can get a Certificate or Diploma in a year, 6 months or even less.

Theory exams are most often E-Learning, however, where practical assessment tasks are required they may need to be done as specified in the assessment works and will often mean undertaking tasks in the presence of a relevant person who will provide third party evidence to be returned to Synergy Central for assessment along with your theory tasks.

Our courses are offered via online distance learning, so there are no formal classes to attend, however, depending on eth course there may be a need to undertake practical activities in a workplace or simulated environment as required by the training package.

The skills and knowledge you gain from our courses are designed to be career-relevant, so you can apply them immediately if you are already working, or use them to assist you to find the job you want.

Yes, Certificates and Diplomas can articulate into Universities to fast track your education.

You need to speak to the university you have in mind to confirm what arrangements they have approved.

As a RTO, Synergy Central uses the nationally recognised Training logo on all our qualifications and statements of attainment we issue. The logo is a valuable statement. It signifies that:

  • Our training courses are nationally recognised under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF);
  • All RTOs must recognise the qualifications issued by other RTO’s as a condition of their registration

This means that those who undertake our training can be confident that the skills they attain are of a high quality at industry standards, and will be accepted and valued nationwide by other training providers and by employers. Participants from other organisations are able to enrol, transfer or complete their training at other institutions.

On our website under Contact,Terms and Conditions.

Will my qualification(s) be nationally recognised?

Of course! All our courses have been developed under the Australian Qualifications Framework(AQF), so they are government-accredited and nationally recognised.

The qualifications Synergy Central is registered to deliver can be seen at

When Synergy Central provides you with your login details, we will also provide you with a Student User Guide, which details how to use the online training e-learning system. Synergy Central strongly recommends viewing this guide, prior to commencing your course.

All Synergy Central trainers are fully qualified, with industry experience in all areas, as well as endorsed training from Synergy Central in regards to training students in Vocational Education Training(VET).

To help you achieve your goals, expert online training and support is available. If you’re experiencing difficulties, you can contact your trainer for assistance. When you enrol, details are supplied enabling you to access the online training e-learning system. Contact Synergy Central for a full rundown of online student support available for your course.

Yes, your qualification will be identical to that of a qualification received in classroom learning.

Your qualification will be Nationally Recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

You will receive the following:
-Online units to your course;
-Online trainer support via online messages;
-Unique e-learning online system centre;
-Issue of your qualification, once completed;
-1 free RPL application at the beginning prior to enrolment and commencement of your course;
-Please note: Additional RPL consultations after this, will incur a fee of $144.

All our courses are current and reviewed and updated regularly in consultation with stakeholders and industry experts, to ensure we meet the appropriate standards as per the Australian Qualifications Training Framework(AQTF) and Vocational Education Training(VET).

No, you can only apply for direct credit, by completing a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) kit. If direct credit is not given, you will be required to complete that particular unit.

RPL works by a Senior Trainer mapping evidence and prior units that the student provides, to the units of a particular course, to determine if there is a direct fit. If there is a direct fit, the student will be given credit for that unit, hence not have to re-complete it.

Synergy Central recognises the skills and knowledge that you have gained through previous studies, work and life experiences e.g. someone already working within the similar role, and referee testimonials from an employer. If you are granted Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in a unit of competency, you do not have to re-study it. Contact Synergy Central to enquire further

Of course we can! As training experts, Synergy Central can help you select the right course to suit your career goals and aspirations. Contact Synergy Central to speak to a Training Consultant for expert training advice and details

No, our online courses are offered via distance learning, so enrolment is available all year round – you decide when to start your course

Synergy Central offers a wide range of courses that have been selected carefully, to help you develop your careers. It’s important to us that the course(s) you select benefit you and your chosen career. Contact Synergy Central to enquire more about the courses that you’re interested in. Synergy Central will provide you with expert training advice, and help you through the enrolment process.

Yes, Synergy Central offers courses to anyone; however students from overseas are not eligible for any government funding, or use our courses as a means of applying for a visa. Overseas students would be classified as a fee for service student. Student’s who require government funding or a visa, should locate another provider that is CRICOS approved.

Many of our courses have no pre-requisites, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of professional background, industry experience etc. However some experience is recommended for a few of our courses. Student’s who do not have the recommended experience, should discuss the course suitability with a Synergy Central Training Consultant.

Enrolling in one of Synergy Central’s courses by online distance learning, means you can study at a pace that suits you. You can gain anqualification in one year or less. Your study schedule and time-frames are in your hands! Enrolment is available all year round, so you decide when to start the course.


Classroom learning is where all material, assessment’s etc are delivered face-to-face in a classroom setting. The course is run by a Synergy Central Consultant, acting as a facilitator.

Online distance learning is a way of studying a course by distance education. With online learning, all course materials are online, assessments are submitted online for marking, and communication between student’s and trainers is done online. Also, it’s self-paced, meaning you work at your own pace. If you’ve got access to a PC with an internet connection, you’re ready to go.

HLTCPR211A – Perform CPR
HLTFA211A – Provide basic emergency life support
HLTFA311A – Apply first aid
HLTFA403C – Manage first aid in the workplace
HLTFA404C – Apply advanced resuscitation techniques
HLTFA412A – Apply advanced first aid
22024VIC – Course in Emergency Management of Asthma in the Workplace
22099VIC – Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis

SIS30310 – Certificate III in Fitness
SIS40210 – Certificate IV in Fitness
SIS50210 – Diploma of Fitness

SIS30710 – Certificate III in Sport Coaching
SIS40510 – Certificate IV in Sport Coaching
SIS50510 – Diploma of Sport Coaching

SIS30410 – Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation
SIS40310 – Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
SIS50310 – Diploma of Outdoor Recreation

HLT40312 – Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice
HLT50307 – Diploma of Remedial Massagen

CHC51712 – Diploma of Counselling

Registered Training Organisation’s (RTO’s) are authorised to deliver Nationally Recognised Training. RTO’s can range from companies, industry and professional associations, to schools, TAFE and colleges. While RTO’s are diverse, ranging from large companies to smaller organisations, they all meet nationally recognised standards of quality, and deliver nationally recognised training. These standards are set out and organisations are audited to ensure quality, under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

Only RTO’s can deliver, assess and issue qualifications and statements of attainment which are nationally recognised, within the Australian Qualifications Framework . All RTO’s are listed on a national database of authorised organisations, known as, allowing potential clients to view an RTO’s services.

Synergy Central’s can be found on and on our website. Our National Training provider number is 31486.

Synergy Central Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO31486) under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and an Australian Company registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) (ABN 86117916328 – ACN 117916328).

Synergy Central specialises in sports and health related qualifications and training including:

-First Aidn-Fitness
-Sport Coaching
-Outdoor Recreation
-Martial Arts

Synergy Central was developed to assist individuals in Sports, Fitness and Martial Arts in achieving Nationally Recognised Qualifications and improving the standards of education and knowledge within the industry